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April 8, 201702:34 PM
Interested in an Outdoor Curved Stair Lift? Here's a recent install we completed. It's really cool!
May 25, 201509:31 AM
Our founder during his service in the U.S. Navy. We are thankful for all veterans. Happy Memorial Day.
April 5, 201509:07 PM
March 14, 201511:47 AM
Happy Pi day, everyone!
March 12, 201507:40 PM
March 11, 201506:06 PM
RT @Stannah: Talking with our customers has taught us that the sooner you install a stair lift, the sooner you rediscover your independence.
March 11, 201506:06 PM
It's hump day: we could put a stairlift on that.
March 10, 201504:52 PM
Home elevator tip of the day: pushing the button makes it go
March 9, 201508:41 PM
PM repost: new curved stair lift in San Francisco Bay Area.
March 9, 201508:38 PM
Is there an app for getting up the stairs, Apple watch? Nope. Stair lifts get it done. Oh, and elevators. And wheelchair lifts
March 7, 201510:12 AM
@AmosPosner good thing he never used our elevators! It would have broke the rules and worked!
March 5, 201504:56 PM
#TBT when home elevator drawings were actually drawings
March 5, 201512:17 PM
RT @Stannah: To choose the right stairlift, look at your personal circumstances and consider which product features would benefit you the m…
February 13, 201412:21 PM
Here's a stair lift we just finished in San Jose. Beautiful and convenient.
July 18, 201310:43 AM
Beautiful photo series, the elderly reflecting on their younger selves. @stannah thought you'd appreciate
May 21, 201310:29 AM
Wood, concrete and steel home elevator shaft. First stop of the day
May 20, 201306:52 PM
RT @Stannah: Watch Patrick Stannah's interview with @MobilityAdvisor at this year's #Naidex:
May 20, 201306:37 PM
Another picture of the long outdoor curved stairlift
May 20, 201310:37 AM
May 20, 201310:29 AM
Usually the home elevator shaft keeps going all the way. (It will)
May 13, 201310:47 AM
RT @Stannah: The @UniofBath finds that walking for 75 mins a week reduces the risk of heart disease & diabetes @Daily_Express…
May 13, 201310:06 AM
New Blog post from last week about our Outdoor Curved Stair Lift in San Francisco. It was a great install!
May 9, 201309:36 PM
Check out our update on the latest curved outdoor stair lift.
April 18, 201308:12 PM
RT @FastCompany: A Prosthetic Arm, Controlled By Your Thoughts
April 18, 201307:39 PM
RT @FastCompany: This Pod Is The Wheelchair Of The Future
April 18, 201307:39 PM
RT @FastCompany: How Elevators Reveal Office Pecking Order
March 29, 201308:37 AM
Finishing up a Home Elevator with Bronze, Side Sliding Doors. So amazing.
March 20, 201307:00 PM
March 17, 201305:21 PM
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
March 13, 201302:43 PM
RT @MatureTimes: 2.3 million adults have given up work to care for elderly, disabled or seriously ill loved ones @CarersUK ...

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We offer our clients unrivaled product knowledge and an in depth experience that will make any rookie to our world feel like a pro. Founded in 1987 by Terry Pope, ACME has installed over 4,000 lifts throughout California and Nevada. We pride ourselves on being a customer service company and will be there for you from start to finish and thereafter. We ensure that each aspect of your elevator, platform lift or stairlift installation is done right the first time.
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6390 Montessouri St
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